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To create a TRIBE of like-minded business professional people achieve their health and fitness goals by providing a high service-high touch experience. Tribes aim is to enhance the quality of life through exceptional coaching and results-driven service.

Exceptional training

Get a great workout either through our one on one coaching, online in-app exercise programs, or following your own workout program.

Quality Equipment

Whether you're looking for functional training equipment or machines, we have what you need for a strength training workout and creating your own interval workout.

Time Base Exercise

We maintain a private environment that enables our members to get in, workout, and be done.

Experienced trainers

Boost your fitness results by working with one of our trainers today.

Our ClassES

Classes at TRIBE are a huge hit for our premium members. Our class programming is designed to enhance your progress and challenge you to reach your full potential. We limit each class to 6-8 people to maintain a more intimate feel and allow for better coaching from our instructors. 


Choose The Program

Metabolic Blast

One sure way to spike metabolism, calorie burn, and heart rate is through high-intensity interval training. Met-Blast will challenge your full body conditioning, intensity, and mindset with a multi-station group workout. You will leave here feeling motivated to come back for more.

All Things Core

Core workouts don't have to be boring or achy on the low back. So get ready to work your abs and get a good sweat in. All Things Core is not just about building a six pack, but about strengthening the muscles of the core, hips, and low back to improve everyday movements.

Full Body Burn

This Full Body Burn class is programmed for the gym goer looking for that extra push. This class involves body weight exercises and some equipment(I.e., dumbbells, etc). Bring your "A" game and Come ready to get to work, feel the burn, and break a sweat.

Power Hour

Saturday at TRIBE is our hour of “power.” Challenge yourself in this full body circuit that leaves your muscles feeling pumped and sculpted. Power hour is a combination of strength training intervals that gets your muscles pumping, blood flowing, and heart racing.

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